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look how big the winter storm warning area is. it's all of nebraska, kansas, and missouri, even portions of arkansas. we're talking about a lot of snow covering the big part of the midwest. this is welcome snow because of the severe drought that's ongoing. now, it will change all over to rain in objection today with a high of 48 but all snow in oklahoma and kansas city with temperatures staying in the mid-20s throughout the day. how much snow will fall, where we see some of these purple areas, we're talking an foot of snow by the time it's said and done friday morning. but a large area of this dark blue could see up to a foots of snow and that includes places like wichita, kansas city, and even areas west of st. louis could see some very heavy snow amounts. amounts. again, that's going to be friday morning. i'm david bernard, cbs news, miami. overseas to the third day of oscar pistorius's bail murder hearing, but it may have been undermined. the lead investigator faces attempted murder charges himself and the prosecution admits it
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has no evidence challenging pistorius's story that he shot his girlfriend by accident. tina kraus reports from london. >> reporter: a police van took oscar pistorius back to court for what could be the final day of bail hearing to determine his fate. family members carried the athlete's clothes from a police station where pistorius spent his seventh night in jail for the alleged premeditated murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. in a dramatic twist to the case south african police revealed the man leading the investigation is facing several attempted murder charges. chief detective hilton botha who took the stand yesterday is accused of shooting at a mini bus full of people in 2011. pistorius's defense lawyers say he botched the investigation into steenkamp's death. they blame him for contaminating the crime scene and changing the story about what happened. police admit they left a bull
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et from the kill inside the toilet of pistorius's home. the sprinter known as the blade runner because of his prosthetic legs said he thought he was attacking an intruder. prosecutors are trying to convince the judge they have evidence pistorius shot to kill and should be kept in jail until his murder trial. the shooting is front page news across south africa. >> i'm feeling for both of the families for reeva's family and for oscar's family because it must be extremely traumatic for both of them. >> reporter: pistorius's murder trial is still likely months away. tina kraus, cbs news. now back in this country, eight days away from the automatic and massive budget cuts known as the sequester. defense secretary leon panetta warns if the cuts are allowed to kick in the united states military would not be able to fill all of its missions. but others are ready to let the chips fall where they may. susan mcginnis is in washington. good morning, soon.
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>> good morning, anne-marie. it's not just defense. these cuts would hit teachers, agents, fbi, border patrol, food inspectors, and a lot more. now, with this deadline looming, congress is not here this week. they went out on recess. when they come back on monday, there'll be four days left to reach a compromise, and while many believe there will be an 11th hour agreement, there seems to be growing sentiment here on capitol hill to let the sequester happen. defense department workers got sobering news on wednesday. most of them will take a big pay cut unless something is done to avoid to deep bucket cuts known as the sequester. >> if furloughs are enacted, civilians will experience a 20% decrease in their pay between late april and september. >> reporter: robert hale the chief's pentagon budget officer says the furlough will save the government $4 billion to $5
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billion, but president obama says the cuts should be made elsewhere. >> there's no reason they should be furloughed or laid off. >> president obama is trying to pin the blame for the last-minute budget crisis on congress and with both chambers on recess this week he has the stage here in washington all to himself. >> i'm hoping while they're back home, they're hearing it from their constituents so when they get back here, they're ready to do some work and we can avoid these automatic spending cuts. >> but congressmen back home may not be getting the earful the president's hoping for. while nearly half of the americans want to avoid it less than 40% want to let it happen and some of capitol hill agree with the 40%. >> not only should the sequester stand. many pundits say the sequester falls short. >> if the cuts kick in, that same poll shows more people would blame republicans in congress than the president. now some areas these budget cuts will not affect social security medicare, medicaid,
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and food stamps. anne-marie, the projections say eventually half a point will be shaved off gdp because of these cuts. >> wow, it's going to be a tense few days. thank you, susan mcginnis in washington. on the "cbs moneywatch," getting the dreamliner off the ground and the heinz takeover under investigation. ines ferre is here in new york with that and more. good morning, ines. >> good morning, anne-marie. worries about monetary tightening by china sent stocks down. tokyo's nikkei lost more than 1%. hong kong's hang seng fell nearly 2%. a bad day on wall street. the federal reserve said wednesday it might scale back its bond-buying program, and that sent stocks tumbling. the dow plummeted 108 points, its biggest loss of the year. the nasdaq sank 49. boeing may have a plan to get their grounded dreamliner fleet back in the air. a company exec will meet with federal regulators tomorrow and present a plan to prevent the lithium ion batteries in the 787
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from failing. if that happens they could be flying by april. the s.e.c. and fbi are looking into possible insider trading around the sale of heinz ketchup. the day before they bought it, an investor bought 350 stock options. the s.e.c. said they used a swiss-based account with goldman sachs. in one-day that $90,000 investment soared to $1.8 billion. "the new york times" is finally getting around to selling the "boston globe." the company made the announcement yesterday. analysts had expected the sale for years and will allow the times to focus on its core brand and expand its digital platform. it's e estimated the globe could be sold for as much as $175 million. and sony is betting its video gaming future on the play station 4. the company unveiled the new device yesterday, only they didn't actually show it or say how much it will coast. sony said it will be the most personalized gaming experience on the market. the ps 4 should be in stores by
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the holidays, anne-marie. >> looks like it's a guessing game is what they're playing. thanks very much. ines ferre in new york. well, coming up on this morning's news, blast investigation. we're learning more about what sparked that deadly explosion in kansas city as crews race to search for more victims. this is the "cbs morning news." >> announcer: "moneywatch" sponsored by vagisil. count on it. nnouncer: "moneywatch" sponsored by vagisil. count on it. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male
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a small jet crashed in eastern georgia wednesday night. killing five people. two others were injured. officials say the jet was coming from nashville and ran off the runway after it landed. a local pilot said the aircraft was owned and operated by a medical practice with clinics in several southeastern cities. in kansas city now, it is a race against time. a winter storm is moving in, and investigators are scrambling to figure out what triggered tuesday's deadly blast at a
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restaurant. a body was recovered yesterday, and the mother of a missing server said that her daughter was killed in that explosion. adriana diaz has the latest. >> reporter: fire officials say they found the body in the blackened rubble of a popular kansas city restaurant. they were not able to account for one j.j. explosion after tuesday night. >> we have not been able to identify the body of the person found at j.j.'s. >> reporter: crews searched the rubble for additional victims but the fire department is moving forward with the cause of the investigation. >> we've run down every lead we're aware of for possible missing persons and have found no more victims at this time. >> reporter: surveillance video from a neighboring business cut the blast on tape. the force shattered a window across the street and damaged several buildings in the surrounding area. flames ripped through the shopping district just before the dinnertime rush. witnesses say they smelled gas.
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fire officials confirmed there was an accident at a construction site about an hour before the blast. >> the subcontractor, heartland midwest, was working for a cable company, putting fiber in the area. they hit the line with an underground boring machine. >> reporter: the explosion and fire injured at least 15 people, some critically. complicating the investigation, a winter storm is expected in the area wednesday night. adriana diaz for cbs news. still to come this morning, how you can get an early look at google's internet connected eyeglasses. and in sports out of this world. no boos, please. a zoo creature is becoming a basketball star. zoo creature is becoming a basketball star. wow, i've been claritin clear for 10 days! when your allergies start,
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and save up to 60%, plus get an extra 10% off. and free delivery. this is eye opening. this is sears. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york mostly sunny, chilly 34. miami, 82. chicago, partly cloudy 31. dallas can expect morning showers. and los angeles, partly sunny with a high of 62. well disgrassed cyclist lance armstrong has decided not to participate in a tell-all interview with the u.s. anti-doping agency. edward lawrence reports that probably means the end of armstrong's career. >> reporter: lance armstrong's lifetime ban from sports will remain in place now that the disgraced cyclist has refuse add way out. the u.s. anti-doping agency or
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usada gave armstrong until wednesday to talk about it. after two months with the agency armstrong issue add statement on deadline day. he said his client will not participate in usada's efforts to selectively. that demonlize individuals. for more than a decade armstrong strongly denied using performance-enhancing drugs as he racked up world titles including seven tour de france yellow jerseys, but they found evidence that he had doped last year that stripped him of his victories. armstrong himself finally came clean with oprah winfrey. travis tygart said he believed he was going to cooperate but last month he told scott pelley on 60 minutes that such could expose him to civil and criminal charges. >> there's a five-year statute on a fraud criminal charge, so the five years today would have been expired. however, if the last point of his doping as we alleged and proved in our recent decision
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was in 2010, then the statute has not yet expired. >> reporter: armstrong's lawyer says his client is willing to participate in an international plan to cut down on it. he's still facing lawsuits worth millions of dollars over his now stripped victories and cover-ups. well, in the nba the los angeles lakers take the court for the first time since the death of owner jerry buss. entering a moment of silence the crowd turned to his suite where his chair sat empty. perhaps fittingly they fast their archrival the boston celtics. in the third quarter l.a.'s steve nash passes legend magic johnson for fourth on the all-time list. and they pass boston, 113-99. in houston now the rockets get some clutch play down the stretch from their stars. james harden and jeremy lin combine for 75 points including some big threes late in the game. and in the game's closing seconds, oklahoma city's kevin
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durant misses what would have been a tied three-pointer. they hang on to beat oklahoma city, 122-119. the nba trade deadline is today. they're looking for pretty good dunkers. they may want to look to portland. not the trail blazers roster but the zoo. this is eddie the zoo otter. they trained him to shoot this ball through this small hoop. he actually suffers from arthritis and playing basketball helping his joints. he gets a treat every time he gets a dunk. you can see, every time he misses, he keeps on trying until he makes a shot. there you go. when we return, cutting edge eyewear. google unveils its new internet glasses and offers you a chance to be one of the first to buy them.
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here is a look at some of the forecasts in some of the cities around the country.
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washington, d.c., mostly sunny, 39. atlanta, cloudy, high of 60. st. louis will be windy, 31 the high. snow in denver. seattle, of course, rain, and 46 the high. well, cardinals from all over the world are starting to gather in rome to choose pope benedict's successor, but some catholics are demanding retired archbishop roger mahoney not attend because of his role in shielding sexually abusive priests. mahoney was the lead over the los angeles diocese and says he will attend the conclave. new york's cardinal timothy dolan will also attend the conclave. he was questioned wednesday about cases of alleged sexual abuse by priests while he was the head of the archdiocese of milwaukee. the 62-year-old cardinal is reportedly one of the front-runners to succeed benedict but on wednesday he wouldn't join in the speculation. >> all the cardinals are really
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embarrassed to talk about that, and we'd be uncomfortable talking about it. so i'll leave it at that. >> boston's cardinal sean o'malley is also reportedly on the short list. he has a reputation as a reformer in the aftermath of the priests' sex abuse scandal. well a very lucky colorado skier lived to tell histale after being buried by an avalanche. anthony robinson said he couldn't help but smile while he was being rescued. he was on the slope saturday making his last run of the day when he heard the ground moan and he was buried. other skiers saw his ski pole sticking up and were able to pull him to safety. and you can be one of the first to wear google's internet glasses. the company released new video of google's glass in action. the glasses won't be available until next year, but google's holding a contest to offer people a chance to buy the glasses for $1,500. all you have to do is explain in 50 words what you'd do with the google glass technology.
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if it was me, i'd probably be bumping into a lot of walls. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the latest developments in the oscar pistorius case. and in healthwatch, the misconceptions about arthritis. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." [ male announcer ] when ziggy the cat appeared at their door he opened up jake's very private world. at first, jake's family thought they saved ziggy but his connection with jake has been a lifesaver. for a love this strong, his family only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein... help keep ziggy's body as strong as a love that reaches further than anyone's words. iams. keep love strong. whatever it takes, get to sears presidents day sale mattress close out. get 24 month special financing. and save up to 60%, plus get an extra 10% off. and free delivery.
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the library of congress recently reported that 80% of motion pictures filmed before 1930 and countless audio recordings from that era are lost, but the library is trying to reverse that. seth doane looks at an effort to save america's cultural past. ♪ >> reporter: it's 1936 louis armstrong recording is an artifact nearly lost to time. it's a nickel-plated disk widely used to record sound in the first half of the 20th century. >> it's the equivalent to an original camera negative for a motion picture. >> reporter: patrick loughney is
4:24 am
leading the effort to save these cultural relics for the library of congress. >> what goes on here is the archaeology of american popular audio visual history. >> reporter: when you think of the library of cob you think of old documents and typewriter smudged paper. not here. >> no. they were considered a cultural record, and this is a collection of cylinder recordings. >> reporter: these cylinders invented by thomas edison in the 1800s were recently donated by a private collector. they're the first known devices to record sound. >> it was literally beeswax and it could melt if heated up too long or break if dropped. >> reporter: this one digitally restored is a 1886 campaign song
4:25 am
from william mckinley. ♪ mckinley is our hero today ♪ >> reporter: the library has 90 miles of shelves in its 45-acre conservation campus in culpeper, virginia. here specialists are preserving more than a million motion pictures including this 1894 picture called "anabel butterfly." it's one of the oldest known films ever restored. each frame was originally colored by hand. and it has thousands of tv shows. this is the only appearance of the doors on "the ed sullivan show." ♪ baby light my fire ♪ ♪ >> reporter: they've even restored color to this 1975 blues documentary.
4:26 am
>> there's actually a growing amnesia about america's past and our job is to try to bolster that american memory, try to save it for future generations who might find value in what we're preserving. >> reporter: a mission to rerecord america's cultural past and preserve it for a digital future. seth doane, cbs news, culpeper, virginia. well coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we'll go live to south africa for the latest bombshells in the bail hearing for accused murderer oscar pistorius. and more on lance armstrong's refusal to talk to the u.s. anti-doping agency. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- [ male announcer ] a tradition unlike any other. [ man ] another watson is wearing a green jacket and this
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time his name is bubba. [ male announcer ] the masters on cbs. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald
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good morning, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is february the 21st. >> yes. it's thursday. i'm michelle griego. why don't we check in with lawrence for the weather. >> great idea. >> first thing i thought today when i woke up, you know what? tomorrow is friday! getting close to the weekend. >> love that. >> we have some nice weather coming up. not as cold this morning, breezy at the coast a few clouds out there, as well. 30s and 40s now. what about the rest of the day? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we have a lot of areas of overnight roadwork this morning including several middle lanes blocked if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll show you where else it's slow in the east and south bays, more roadwork there, as well. coming up. >> looks quiet. thank you. it is 4:30 now. south african sprinter oscar pistorius may find out today if a judge will let him out on bail. the olympian is charged in the shooting death of his girlfriend and tina kraus has new details now on the lead
4:29 am
detective in the investigation. >> reporter: oscar pistorius walked back into court for what could be the final day of a bail hearing to determine his fate. family members carried his clothes from a police station where pistorius spent his 7th night in jail for the alleged premeditated murder of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. chief detective hilton botha who took the stand wednesday is accused at a minibus full of people in 2011. prosecutors are now pushing to get him pulled off the case. pistorius's defense lawyers sabo that botched the investigation into steenkamp's death. they blame him for contaminating the crime scene and changing his story about what happened. police admit officers left a bullet from the killing inside a toilet in pistorius' home. the sprinter known as the blade runner for his prosthetic legs says he thought he was attacking an intruder when he opened fire on his girlfriend through a lock bathroom door. prosecutors are trying to convince the judge they have evidence pistorius

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